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terça-feira, 6 de maio de 2014

Vamos ajudar a despenalizar Markovic!

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Para tentar lançar mais alguma visibilidade ao assunto e à injustiça que foi a expulsão de Markovic, enviamos esta noite o texto abaixo para a UEFA:

"Dear Mr.Platini, Mr. Thomas Partl, Mr. Jacques Antenen, Mr. Jim Stjerne Hansen and Mr. Sándor Berzi,

We all love football. 
We love our clubs, we love our countries, we love to play and we love to watch good games.

In the past week, our club, Sport Lisboa e Benfica, qualified to the Europa League final. The second in a row. The 10th in the club’s history. Very few clubs have achieved this.

Reading the Eleven Values of UEFA, we are proud to endorse each one of them. But we would like to bring your attention to the numbers One, Three and Ten.

One: "In everything that we do, football must always be the first and most important element that we take into consideration. Football is a game before being a product, a sport before being a market, a show before being a business."

Three: "…And we will aim for closer relations with football fans, without whom there would be no professional game."

Ten: "Respect is a key principle of football. Respect for the game, integrity, diversity, dignity, players' health, rules, the referee, opponents and supporters. Our message is clear: zero tolerance against racism, violence and doping. Football unites people and transcends differences. The colour of the skin is invisible under the jersey and, for UEFA, this will always be so. Racism and any other forms of discrimination will never be tolerated. UEFA will not tolerate violence either on the pitch or in the stands. Football must set an example."

With this in mind, we send this plea for clemency regarding the red card given to Benfica player Lazar Markovic. 

SIC Television(Portugal TV station) showed images that clear any wrongdoing from Markovic. He tried to settle the dispute between Vucinic and Artur.

As the UEFA values states, “football must always be the first and most important element that we take into consideration.”
Markovic, as a part of the game Juventus-Benfica was a victim of a bad decision. 

We, the football fans “without whom there would be no professional game”, hope that UEFA allow Lazar Markovic to play the final." 


Se quiserem ajudar neste esforço, poderão partilhar a mensagem ou apelar à despenalização de Markovic nos seguintes endereços(links):

Media Contact email: media@uefa.ch

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